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Tragic comedy


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British actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge plays the title character, Fleabag. TWO BROTHERS PICTURES

Over the past few years, the television and publishing industries have made huge steps when it comes to female characters. Children’s TV is full of can-do heroines and book publishers love to provide strong role models of successful women. Yet in real life, not everyone is exceptional. Indeed, real life can be exhausting and difficult.

Maybe that’s what resonates with viewers of the British comedy-drama series Fleabag. Its second season will come out on Amazon Prime Video on May 17.

The series follows an underachieving woman from London with a rather strange name: Fleabag. In her thirties, we see her battle with her evil godmother and deal with the sadness of losing loved ones. She’s also a screw-up, always on the verge of doing or saying something inappropriate.

But her depressing and messy life seems to take a turn for the better in the show’s second – and final – season. Fleabag meets a handsome priest, who seems to care about her struggles. She also begins to repair her relationship with her father. Her struggling cafe business also starts to improve.

“With hope and faith at the core of season two,” the series’ official description reads, “our heroine finds herself in the midst of a battle she is determined to win.”

Fleabag tries to show that a woman in trouble can still find a way to go out, have fun, and look her best. This is life for stressed-out women everywhere, who must do their best to find balance in their lives. Like British writer Elizabeth Day’s latest book, How To Fail – which tells the story of the author’s miscarriage (流产) and divorce – Fleabag also inverts the idea of success for women, says the Guardian.

Embracing failure is an important lesson for women, says the show’s writer and lead actress, Phoebe Waller-Bridge. She regards disappointment as a natural part of life, just like every successful businessman has a string of failed startups behind him.

“As women, we get the message about how to be a good girl – how to be a good, pretty girl – from such an early age,” Waller-Bridge said in a public interview. Fleabag is an exception. “She is a glorious reminder to nervous overthinkers everywhere that, just occasionally, it’s fine to break the rules,” she added.
“作为女性,我们从小就被教育要做个好女孩 —— 如何成为一个漂亮的优秀姑娘”,沃勒-布里奇在一场公开采访中说道。“邋遢女”是个特例。“她极好地提醒了所有过度焦虑的人们,偶尔不遵守规则也没关系,”她补充道。

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